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What Is A Pacemaker?

A pacemaker is a small, implantable device that plays a crucial role in regulating the heartbeat. It consists of wires that are strategically placed in the heart. Dr. Rasesh A. Pothiwala specializes in the precise placement of pacemakers, ensuring optimal functionality and improved heart rhythm.

How Does A Pacemaker Work?

The pacemaker functions as the heart's internal conductor, monitoring the heartbeat and sending electrical impulses to prompt the heart to beat when it senses irregularities. This ensures that the heart maintains a steady and appropriate rhythm, enhancing overall cardiac function. Dr. Rasesh A. Pothiwala's expertise in pacemaker implantation guarantees patients receive advanced and personalized care for their specific cardiac needs.

As one of the best Cardiologists in Ahmedabad, Dr. Rasesh A. Pothiwala combines extensive experience with a commitment to excellence in cardiac care. His specialization in pacemaker implantation reflects his dedication to providing cutting-edge solutions for patients with cardiac rhythm disorders. If you're seeking the expertise of a trusted cardiologist in Ahmedabad for pacemaker implantation, Dr. Pothiwala is your go-to choice.

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